Boiler Repairs & Welding

boiler repairs and welding

Steam Plant Engineering Ltd have highly skilled staff to carry out boiler & pressure vessel repairs to the high standard the industry requires, whether it’s replacing just one tube or carrying out extensive repairs to tube plate, shells & furnaces.


  • Complete or partial re-tubing of water tube or fire tube boilers, air pre-heaters, economisers, super heater elements, heat exchangers, condensers, tube bundles.
  • J Prepping to BS 2790.
  • Short term plugging of leaks.
  • Replacement or repair of tube plates.
  • Tube Replacement.
  • Access Tube repair or replacement.
  • Furnace tube repair or replacement.
  • Manufacture & replacement of bowling hoops.
  • Replacement of mud or manhole rings.
  • Coded welding repairs and alterations to boilers, tanks, jacketed kettles, air receivers, vulcanisers, steam absorption units, chillers, hot water systems and all types of pressure vessels.
  • Field welding services – certified welding of pipe, stainless steel, carbon or alloy plate, including speciality weldings.
  • Handhole and manway machining, weld repairs, or replacement.
  • Casing repairs or replacement.
  • Boiler section replacement.
  • Refractory / firebrick sales and service to fire tube, water tube, and cast iron boilers.

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