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SPE & Babcock Wanson UK joining forces!

We are pleased to announce that Steam Plant Engineering and Babcock Wanson UK have completed their alliance on 26 July 2021.

Babcock Wanson provides a wide range of boilers to its customers as well as a complete turnkey solution including high value-added services. Since 2016, Babcock Wanson has embarked on an international development strategy to expand its presence in Europe and to be able to provide quality products and services. Babcock Wanson currently has factories in both France and Italy and operates across 8 European countries through its subsidiaries, making it a key player in the industrial boiler market.

Steam Plant Engineering’s expertise is mainly focused on firetube steam boilers, whereas Babcock Wanson UK is a recognised leader in the field of thermal fluid and coil type steam boilers. Babcock Wanson and Steam Plant Engineering will combine their strengths to create a strong market leader in industrial boilers in the UK through:

  • Development of the service contract portfolio in the UK
  • Development of the valve maintenance business
  • Offer turnkey solutions

Steam Plant Engineering’s organisation will be maintained in its current structure as a subsidiary of Babcock Wanson UK. This partnership represents a further step in the development of Steam Plant Engineering. Babcock Wanson will provide Steam Plant Engineering with all the necessary technical and commercial support to develop the company.